Mapping Motivation – James Sale. Mapping Motivation is the ‘must have’ book for anybody who wants to learn how to turn the essential yet elusive subject of motivation into practical reality…

A must read ‘how to’ book for any professional accredited coach; HR manager; strategic leadership & management consultant or employee engagement specialist…

This book is a thoroughly good read, it is packed with exercises, tools, techniques and insights about the world of motivation and how to measure it…

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Mapping Motivation for Coaching – James Sale & Bevis Moynan. As a mapper myself I very much enjoyed this book and the way it has been integrated with elements of NLP, Pareto Law and the Grow Model to name a few. Insightful, engaging and resourceful; this book is ideal for the coach who is serious about their own Continued Professional Development as well as looking into the client drivers that lead to change, growth and achievement in both life and work.

Kriss Akabusi MBE OLY

Mapping Motivation for Engagement – James Sale & Steve Jones. I believe that this book is the most valuable contribution to Organisation Development in the past 10 years. I liked all the useful figures and diagrams in your book. Chapter 5 “Engaging Managers, motivation, skills and recruitment” is really helpful for scaling the various businesses that I am involved with. Chapter 8 “Employee engagement, integrity and change” will be particularly valuable to our Chief Executive clients of the Scale Programme because it will inspire and assist them to cope with both the huge complexity and high inertia in large companies. 

Christopher Bayliss, FastGrowth Services Limited

Mapping Motivation for Leadership – James Sale & Jane Thomas. Mapping Motivation for Leadership is deeply wise guidance for leaders at all levels and activities. Included are immediately useful tools and practical pathways for growth. With exceptional clarity, James Sale and Jane Thomas laser in on the particular motivations of leaders and those they work with. He aims to create people-centered collaboration, which leads to innovation and self-awareness. A terrific book, highly recommended. 

Michael J. Goldberg, author of The 9 Ways of Working

Mapping Motivation for Top Performing Teams – James Sale. Mapping Motivation for Top Performing Teams marks the final entry in the Mapping Motivation series. Throughout the series, there has been a focus on practical application underpinned by remarkably deep research and understanding. It’s all very well having a “theory” of how motivation works, but unless you can positively impact and influence motivation, then what is the point? This philosophy reaches its culmination point with Top Performing Teams.

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