James Sale

James Sale

James Sale is the creator of Motivational Maps and the founder of Motivational Maps Ltd. He is a speaker, writer and thought leader in the worldwide movement to transform how management works by enabling the ego-centred, fear-based Twentieth Century top-down control model to be superseded by a Twenty-First Century dynamic, bottom-up, engagement focused approach. The Mapping Motivation series published by Routledge, are the definitive texts on how to do this by specifically addressing the question of employee motivation and its correlation with performance, productivity and profitability. James was delighted to co author the books on coaching, engagement and leadership, with 3 of his most experienced Motivational Map practitioners who are experts in these fields.

Bevis Moynan co author of Mapping Motivation for Coaching

Magenta Coaching

Steve Jones co author of Mapping Motivation for Engagement

Skills For Business

Jane Thomas co author of Mapping Motivation for Leadership

Premier Life Skills

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